My Quota

My Quota is the most efficient way to track your writers progress.

Save time and resources by automating your quota management task in three simple steps:

  • Create Quota Groups for your writers.
  • Apply Quota Policies to those groups.
  • Get Quota Reports about your writers.

Create Quota Groups and add your users to those groups for easy management.

Receive reports about completed or missed quotas.

Add requirements for quotas to be completed.

Roster Page showing users and their quota requirements.

Roster View

  • Get quick glances at when quotas are due, amounts met, and groups they belong to.
  • Works with Edit Flow – Use the popular workflow task manager with My Quota, use the groups you’ve created with Edit Flow right in My Quota.
  • Roster page can be limited by defined editors so only those overseeing certain groups see those quota reports.

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