Founded in 2009, Dropstr Inc has been innovating since on solving solutions to real world problems built on the WordPress framework.

Before Dropstr dedicated its business plan to improving the WordPress experience, we too started off using WordPress as our engine for our then media network. But when our sites grew and traffic/demand increased 100 fold, we were challenged by the scale in which to automate tedious tasks, manage our freelancers, and utilize workflows to better ease management and produce high quality content in a short enough time frame to compete with our competitors.

Our goal was to automate as many processes as possible while still delivering quality content. Think Amazon logistics but for WordPress.

After coming up with in-house solutions to better the experience for our freelancers as well as reducing timely tasks, it was then decided to move forward with publishing these solutions and off load our media network.

Now years later with an array of WordPress tools and services being served, we continue the goal of drop-in solutions for WordPress sites.