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Welcome to My Quota

Official launch of My Quota, a quota management plugin for users.

We are pleased to announce the official launch of My Quota, a quota management plugin for WordPress sites for managing your user’s publishing quotas.

Keep track of who is posting what and when with My Quota. If you’re like most sites who keep an online log for keeping up with your writer’s posts, now you can have that automated with My Quota.

Create groups with individual users, Word Press user roles, or with 3rd party plugins like Edit Flow, to create quota policies for what the requirements are for your writers.

Create policies like what types of post types, statuses, and amounts are required in order to complete your quota.

Set quota’s due date for every day of the week or for a day of the month due.

And the best part is the plugin is free. Just visit the WordPress Plugin store and search for “My Quota” or click here for the direct link.